Apache Marmotta

An Open Platform for Linked Data

The goal of Apache Marmotta is to provide an open implementation of a Linked Data Platform that can be used, extended, and deployed easily by organizations who want to publish Linked Data or build custom applications on Linked Data.

You can find more information about the project and the supported features on http://marmotta.apache.org.

Links to common features

You can find all installed features on the module list on the right side. To get a quick access to common functionalities, we listed some links:

Marmotta Modules

Apache Marmotta provides some modules:

provides the core RDF and Linked Data Platform capabilities.
offers query capabilities for the triplestore.
LDPath Querying
provides support for LDPath within the platform.
Linked Data Caching
provides transparent mechanism to cache Web resources.
adds a rule-based reasoner to the triple store.
implements security mechanism.
provides the user management features.
offers versioning services on top of the triple store.